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About Rent Treasures

Rent Treasures allows clients to rent one-of-a-kind treasures from other clients from our strongholds at our international sites.

Our insurance works on a collateral basis meaning that you may only rent from another user up to the value of the item(s) that you store with us. This prevents any theft as if any users steal, their item(s) will be forfeit and then belong to the other user on our platform that they have stolen from.

All items are independently valued upon being stored with us. We only accept items with a minimum value of $5000. You may withdraw your items on a temporary basis for wearing at any time, when you are not renting any other items out from Rent Treasures.


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Unleash the Full Potential of Your Valuable Treasure


Earn a passive 5% rental income on your precious treasures instead of letting them gather dust. We hold your items securely and give you regular updates of your earnings.

Fully Insured

Feel safe that your treasures are fully insured when you lend with us. We only let out items to users who have items of a greater or more value held with us.

Lend To Other Platform Users Using Collateral

We only let our items to our trusted HNW users. In the event of your item(s) being stolen you will have a right to the user’s items who stole from yours of a greater or higher value than your own.

In Safes At All Times

Your items will be held in our secure safes in major international cities at all times. You can take your item(s) out at any time you wish to wear while not on loan.

Free Expert Valuation

You will receive a free expert valuation for all your items with us. We do not store and rent items below a valuation of $5,000 for clients at Renttreasures.

Additional Services

We can provide additional services for high-value items such as guarded courier delivery, cleaning, bespoke insurance cover and extra security.